Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

H2020 Energy:Wind

Developing dynamic simulation models for advanced control and optimisation strategies at the wind farm level
Demonstrating an innovative gravity-based foundation for offshore wind turbines designed for water depths between 35 and 60 m
Demonstrating an innovative superconducting low-cost and lightweight wind turbine drivetrain on a 3.6 MW wind turbine at Thybor√łn in Denmark
Demonstrating an innovative and cost-effective integrated substructure system for deep offshore wind energy
Research on floating wind turbines installed at water depths between 50m to 200m
Demonstrating that a "shark-skin" riblet surface on rotor blades can improve efficiency and reduce wind turbine noise
Developing and demonstrating an operation and maintenance (O&M) platform to improve decision making and to reduce O&M costs, improve reliability and extend the lifetime of off-shore wind turbines and wind farms
Testing and developing a novel floating substructure with a self-erecting telescopic tower to enable the effective development of the next generation of extremely large (10MW+) offshore wind turbines