Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

H2020 Energy:Concentrated Solar Power

Demonstrating a new type of concentrating solar power plant that combines several towers and heliostat fields
Developing solutions to drastically reduce water consumption in the operation of concentrating solar power plants
Developing a new type of concentrated solar power plant based on a modular design using a novel high-concentration mirror concept
Developing a new system for heat transfer fluids and high-temperature receivers to obtain high efficiency power cycles (>50 %) in order to increase the efficiency of a concentrated solar power plant by 20%
Increasing energy storage to optimise power generation from a concentrated solar power plant
Investigating a novel power cycle for renewable electricity production by applying a solar particle receiver with a sulphur storage system for base load operation
Demonstrating a novel steam generator technology and a weather forecast/dispatch optimisation software in a concentrating solar power plant
Minimising water consumption in concentrating solar power plant operation