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Horizon 2020

Funding areas

INEA is running parts of Horizon 2020, the EU's €77 billion research and innovation programme for 2014-2020, in the areas of transport and energy.

The Agency is managing the funding and following up the research & innovation projects under the following Horizon 2020 societal challenges:


Horizon 2020 societal challenges
Smart, green and integrated transport Secure, clean and efficient energy
€2.9 billion in 2014-2020, of which €950 million in 2018-2020:

€3.8 billion in 2014-2020, of which €1.3 billion in 2018-2020:

Cross-cutting activities

Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy

Cross-cutting activities

  • Blue Growth (part of the Smart, green and integrated transport and Secure, clean and efficient energy budgets)


Funding opportunities



There are eight calls for funding in the field of clean energy (more info):

  • with a deadline for applications on 31/01/2018
Call identifier  Scope  Budget

 Renewable energy system integrated at the building   scale

 €27.5 M              

 Developing solutions to reduce the cost and increase   performance of renewable technologies

 €30 M 


  • with a deadline for applications on 13/02/2018
 Call identifier  Scope  Budget

 Increased performance of technologies for local   heating and cooling solutions

             €30 M                       

 Demonstrate significant cost reduction for Building   Integrated PV (BIPV) solutions

 €10 M 

 Demonstrate highly performant renewable   technologies for combined heat and power (CHP)   generation and their integration in the EU's energy   system

 €30 M 

 Demonstrate solutions that significantly reduce the   cost of renewable power generation

 €45 M 

 Development of next generation biofuels and   alternative renewable fuel technologies for road   transport

 €25 M 


 Market uptake support  €15 M 


The Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days, on 23 - 25 October in Brussels, presented the 2018- 2020 Horizon 2020 Energy Work Programme, with the focus on funding opportunities for energy projects in 2018. For more info, including recordings and presentations, visit the event page.

Competitive Low-Carbon Energy call is part of the Horizon 2020 'Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy' challenge . More details can be found in the 2018 - 2020 Work Programme.

See also other energy-related funding opportunitiesin Horizon 2020

*This overview is indicative and does not claim completeness



Three calls that are open for proposal submission. Please find the details of the calls below:





Closing date





(first stage)


30 January 2018







4 April 2018







Closing date





4 April 2018







Closing date





4 April 2018



These calls are part of the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Challenge.

The specific focus of these three calls is to support research and innovation activities in relation with low-carbon and sustainable transport; automated road transport; electrified vehicles; safe and resilient transport systems; European industrial leadership as well as behavioural issues and user needs for mobility solutions.

The upcoming Horizon 2020 Transport Info Days, on 13 December in Brussels, will present the upcoming 2018- 2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme, with the focus on funding oportunities for energy projects in 2018. You can watch the event online. For more info, visit the event page.


More information

There might be other EU funding opportunities in transport and energy research announced on the Participant Portal.

For all questions related to Horizon 2020, please contact the Research Enquiry Service.


Funded projects

INEA is currently funding and following up on Horizon 2020 projects in the field of transport and energy.

Interested in projects on heating and cooling technologies? Have a look at the overview of EU-funded projects in this field, including INEA-managed projects.


How to communicate on your project? 

Take a look at the communication guidelines that will help you understand what to include in your communication plan, how to acknowledge the EU funding and what INEA can offer to support your communication efforts.


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