Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

CEF Transport projects by core network corridors

"Core network corridors" were introduced to facilitate the coordinated implementation of the core network. They bring together public and private resources and concentrate EU support from the CEF, particularly to:

  • remove bottlenecks
  • build missing cross-border connections
  • promote modal integration and interoperability

They also aim at:

  • integrating (as ongoing modal measure, these corridors shall be integrated into the multi-modal TEN-T) rail freight corridors
  • promoting clean fuel
  • other innovative transport solutions
  • advancing telematics applications for efficient infrastructure use
  • integrating urban areas into the TEN-T
  • enhancing safety

Nine core network corridors are identified in the annex to the CEF Regulation, which includes a list of projects pre-identified for possible EU funding during the period 2014 – 2020, based on their added value for TEN-T development and their maturity status.

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