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Rail Railway Connection Aveiro-Salamanca-Medina del Campo: Works on energy facilities and services to follow-up works


The existing single-track railway line Medina del Campo-Salamanca-Fuentes de Oñoro connects Medina del Campo to the Portuguese border.


The Action concerns the electrification of the line Medina del Campo-Salamanca-Fuentes de Oñoro. It is located on the pre-identified Rail connection Aveiro-Salamanca-Medina del Campo on the Atlantic Corridor. It consists of the construction of substations, overhead power lines and autotransformers for the electrification in the entire line. It will also include the construction of the overhead contact line, security installations and communications in part of the section Salamanca-Fuentes de Oñoro. The services for follow up of the described works are also included.


The Action will enhance the interoperability of the section and, in particular, improve the railway cross-border connection with the Portuguese section already electrified.



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Member States involved:



Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2019


Beneficiary & implementing body:

Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

 Coordinator's report on the Corridor