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Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More action information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced and updated.

SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2016 – Cluster 1: General
Early Warning Intelligent System for Road Transportation Risks
CNG ROMANIA: Initial Market Deployment of a Refuelling Station Network along the Core Network Corridors
SWIM - SMART Waterway Integrated Management
Rehabilitation of the Brașov–Sighişoara railway section, Apața–Cața sub-section
Galati multimodal platform - Stage I - Upgrade of the waterside infrastructure
Setup and ITS connectivity of safe and secure truck parking areas in Romania along the TEN-T Core Network Corridors
Upgrade of infrastructure and environmental protection in Constanța Port - PROTECT
LNG motion: Fuelling trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network
Synchronised Performance Based Navigation Implementation Cohesion Europe