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Rail Beira Alta line (Pampilhosa-Vilar Formoso): detailed design and works


The Action is part of the Global Project that aims to contribute to achieving an interoperable connection between Aveiro and Vilar Formoso (Spanish Border) through the improvement of the existing Beira Alta Rail line from Pampilhosa to Vilar Formoso. The Global Project is part of the pre-identified section "Rail connection Aveiro-Salamanca-Medina del Campo" of the Atlantic Corridor. 

The proposed Action includes the detail design studies and works for the upgrading of the section Pampilhosa-Vilar Formoso of the Beira Alta line (app. 202 km). The upgraded interoperable link will allow the movement of longer (up to 750 m) and heavier trains at an increased average reference speed of 100km/h. Moreover, the line will be prepared for the installation of the UIC gauge in full synchrony with Spain and its overhead contact line will be adapted to ensure ITE compliance.

The Action is expected to promote modal split, increase the competitiveness of the ports of Aveiro and Leixões and decrease the travel time for passengers by more than half an hour. 


Estimated cost of the action:



Percentage of EU support: 68.62%

Maximum EU contribution: 




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Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2020



 Ministério do Planeamento e das Infraestruturas (MPI)


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

 Coordinator's report on the Corridor