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Water Preventing incident and accident by safer ships on the oceans - PICASSO


This Motorways of the Sea Action addresses wider benefits by studying and testing effective ICT solutions formative solutions and therefore addressing the human element.  PICASSO is organized in the following core activities: On shore/on board safety and security, Emergency simulations, Training and human factor. Building upon the results of previous EU supported initiatives, such as Monalisa 2.0, the Action contributes to the global framework of the EU maritime transport policy and to Motorways of the Sea objectives by inter alia: improving safety of equipment, upgrading working practices for safer operations, developing new tools with a view to achieving more efficient evacuation procedures and smart and efficient response. It will therefore contribute the Global Project which aims at achieving a modern, safe and developed maritime sector.


Estimated cost of the action:



Percentage of EU support: 50%

Maximum EU contribution: 




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Member States involved:

Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom


Implementation schedule:

Start date: May 2016

End date: June 2018


Project Coordinator:

 Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

 Coordinator's report on the Corridor