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Germany CEF-Transport projects: Germany

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More action information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced and updated.

Models for Economic Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure
Expansion of safe & secure truck parking spaces and truck parking information systems on the TEN-T core network in Austria and Germany (Bavaria)
SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 2
SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 1
Blue Baltics – LNG infrastructure facility deployment in the Baltic Sea Region
FAMOS Odin: Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea
DOOR2LNG -Upgrade of the maritime link integrated in the multimodal container transport routes
River Information Services Corridor Management Execution
River Information Services Corridor Management Execution
Rhine-Alpine Integrated and Seamless Travel Chain (RAISE-IT)
C-Roads Germany
Erdinger Ringschluss
LNG for shipping and logistics in Europe
Design and equipment of ERTMS for six border crossing corridor sections as well as two gap closings on German TEN core network corridors
Deploying Remote Tower Control (RTC): Implementation of SES by Improving Performance and Modernising ATM for Tower Service Provision in Germany
Core Network Port Regensburg - Improving Accessibility
Deploying New Radar Technologies (MaRS): Implementation of SES by Improving Performance, Interoperability and Modernising ATM in Germany
Quality and capacity upgrade of the railway system in the seaport of Bremerhaven (Imsumer Deich Plus)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation Toolkit
ViA15 road project, missing link study
Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser - Part 2
Upgrading and sustaining the competitive Baltic MoS link Germany-Finland (RoRo multiple ports loop)
Small-scale liquefaction and supply facility for Liquefied Biogas as alternative fuel for the transport sector
GREAT (Green Region for Electrification and Alternative fuels for Transport)
Environmental compliance and service upgrade of the North Sea MoS Cuxhaven-Immingham
Rhein-Ruhr Rail Connection: Feasibility study on an alternative cross-border railway link ("3RX")
Upgrading and sustaining the competitive core Baltic MoS link Helsinki-Lubeck
Back from Black - Study and deployment of the affordable scrubber retro fitting technology for SME shipowners
Ursa Major 2
FABEC N-VCS Voice Communication System implementation
Connecting Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (COHRS)
EU ITS Platform
Support to the implementation of ERTMS
Upgrading of the Freilassing (German-Austrian border)-Salzburg section of the TEN core network corridor Rhine-Danube
The Fehmarnbelt tunnel - The fixed rail and road link between Scandinavia and Germany
Establishing Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic and improving conditions for international rail freight transport
Pilot implementation of an Upper Rhine traffic management platform
STM Validation Project
Fast-E (DE/BE)
FAMOS Freja: Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea
DP Implementation
ReaLNG: Turning LNG as marine fuel into reality in the North Sea-Baltic region
Development of Rail Freight Corridor Atlantic
ATM Data "as a service"
European Rail Freight Line System on the Rhine-Alpine Corridor
Implementation study for the quality improvement of the crossborder railway connection between Groningen (NL) and Bremen
RIO Railway Infrastructure Optimisation - Deployment of an innovative rail infrastructure-vehicle interface system
EPS-TAF - Investing in a European Production System, which is a Telematics Application for Freight compliant with TSI
Upgrade of the Sacrow-Paretzer Canal in the km 21.0 - km 32.6 section emptying into the Havel Canal at km 33.8 - km 34.9
Upgraded line Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven and construction of new subsections
Support and coordination of Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine for its long term sustainable operation
New construction, second Zerben lock, part 2
Upgraded line (ABS) (Amsterdam) D/NL border-Emmerich-Oberhausen
Planning for the German rail access route to the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Lubeck-Fehmarn section)
New-build line Wendlingen-Ulm
Upgrade and new build of Stuttgart-Wendlingen line, including Stuttgart 21
Upgraded line 23 Saarbrücken–Ludwigshafen (POS Nord), Upgrade of the Neustadt–Böhl-Iggelheim and Landstuhl–Kaiserslautern route sections for v = 200 km/h, implementation of ETCS
Decarbonised passenger transport at European Airports
Upgraded line/New-build line (ABS/NBS) Karlsruhe-Basel with partial upgrade measures on the existing line
Removal of bottlenecks at bridges in the Western German canal system, Gartroper-Strassen-Brucke and Hervester Brucke
Bridges and culverts in the city section of Muenster, Dortmund-Ems-Canal
ERTMS Deployment on the German part of the Rhine-Alpine Core Network Corridor
Extension of the Mittelland canal from km 302.377 to 303.800 - removal of the last bottleneck
Planning of Regionaltangente-West (RTW) in Frankfurt am Main
LL Retrofit 16000 - Retrofitting rolling stock with composite brake blocks to reduce noise in densely populated areas
MEDAS 3.0 - Greening the automotive supply chain by a sustainable "just in time" Mediterranean rail shuttle service
40-CONTECH - Investing in a just in time intermodal logistics concept with innovative open top curtain side container
Knappenrode-Horka-German/Polish border section: upgrade, electrification and ETCS planning
New Kattwyk Railway Bridge - Building of landside Links and Reconstruction of the Leading Lights
Safeguarding and adaptation of waterway access to the Rhine-Alpine and North Sea-Baltic corridors from the port of Cologne
Radio Direction Finder supporting SES performance