Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

2018 MAP Mid-Term Review

In 2018, INEA will carry out a mid-term review of the ongoing Actions from the 2014 and 2015 calls under the Multi-Annual Work Programme (the 'MAP MTR'), with the objective to ensure the efficient and effective use of EU funds.

The MAP MTR will be carried out in the framework of the 2018 ASR exercise. The MAP MTR will look at a total of 338 Actions in order to assess their state of play by 31/12/2017, their future implementation plans and any risks.

Depending on their CEF contributions, the Actions will be subject either to a 'comprehensive' or a 'desktop' review. For the 'comprehensive' review, INEA will be supported by external experts.

INEA and DG MOVE will analyse the reviewers' findings on the state of play and perspectives of the Actions.




Presentation from the CEF Transport Committee meeting of 27 September 2018

Information note, at portfolio level, on the outcome of the 2018 MAP Mid-Term Review

Information note to beneficiaries of Actions from the 2014 and 2015 CEF transport calls under the Multi-Annual Work Programme

Presentation on the MAP MTR

List of Actions subject to comprehensive review

List of Actions subject to desktop review


The matrix is an internal review document (not to be filled by the beneficiary) which will be adapted to the situation of each individual Action. It is a supporting tool to organise the analysis of information provided in the 2018 ASR and 'scan' the risk factors of each Action, including their impacts on the different activities of each Action. The template of the matrix is made public in order to illustrate how the reviewers will assess the information provided by the ASR.