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2018 CEF Transport call for proposals

The 2018 CEF Transport call for proposals opened on 17 May 2018. With an indicative budget of €450 million it covers funding objectives and priorities supporting the policy orientations of the 3rd Clean Mobility Package. The focus of financial assistance will thus be on cross-cutting objectives of transport digitalisation, road safety and multimodality.

This call is part of a set of coordinated calls covering the CEF Transport, CEF Telecom and CEF Energy sectors. The coordinated calls aim to exploit synergies between these three sectors related to the aspect of digitalisation with a view to foster the development and implementation of coherent digital infrastructure and solutions across the various networks. The calls are published on the INEA website.

In particular, applicants are encouraged to exploit the possibilities offered by the CEF Telecom Cyber Security call as regards digitalisation aspects relevant for transport.

Where appropriate, applicants to this call are also encouraged to deploy and use any digital building blocks supported under CEF Telecom.

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Watch the information day of 31 May 2018

Watch all the presentations and Q&A sessions of the virtual information day on the call on the event's webpage.

Indicative call timeline Date
Call opening 17 May 2018
Deadline for submission 24 October 2018 (17:00:00 Brussels time)
Evaluation of proposals November 2018 - January 2019
Consultation of the CEF Coordination Committee / Information to the European Parliament February 2019
Adoption of the Selection Decision February 2019
Preparation and signature of individual grant agreements As of February 2019


Work programme Last update
2018 CEF  Transport Multi-Annual Work Programme - English version 17 May 2018
2018 CEF  Transport Multi-Annual Work Programme - French version 17 May 2018
2018 CEF  Transport Multi-Annual Work Programme - German version 17 May 2018
2018 CEF  Transport Multi-Annual Work Programme - Annex I - English version only 17 May 2018


Priorities (relevant sections of the Work Programme) Indicative available funding Last update
€100 million  17 May 2018
€200 million 17 May 2018
€150 million 17 May 2018


Call for proposals Last update
2018 CEF Transport call text 17 May 2018
Reference of the Official Journal of the EU 17 May 2018


Application Forms Last update
Application Form Part A - TENtec eSubmission module 17 May 2018

Application Form Part A - Word template

This template is provided for information purposes only. Electronic submission using the TENtec eSubmission module is mandatory

17 May 2018
Application Form Part B - Administrative information 17 May 2018
Application Form Part C - Compliance with EU policy and law 17 May 2018
Application Form Part D - Technical and Financial information 17 May 2018
Financial capacity check 17 May 2018


Guidance documents Last update
Guide for applicants 23 July 2018
GIS data submission user guide 17 May 2018
Application checklist 25 May 2018
FAQ 12 October 2018
Cost-Benefit Analysis cash flow template 21 September 2018
Cost-Benefit Analysis checklist 25 May 2018


Background documents & useful information Last update
TEN-T Guidelines 17 May 2018
Extension of the TEN-T network to the neighbouring countries 17 May 2018
CEF Regulation 17 May 2018
EU Financial Regulation  17 May 2018

Rules of Application (consolidated version)

17 May 2018

Commission decision on the reimbursement of personnel costs of beneficiaries of CEF


17 May 2018
Model grant agreement 17 May 2018

Linguistic versions of the model grant agreement should be used for reference purposes only. Only the signed grant agreements should be considered legally binding

17 May 2018
Privacy statement 17 May 2018
Cohesion policy CBA methodology 17 May 2018