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2014 CEF Transport Multi-annual Call: Specific Call for Cohesion Funds

This Call is now closed.


The 2014 CEF Transport Multi-Annual Call's Specific Call for Cohesion Funds has a budget of €4 billion.


This Call is exclusively for Member States eligible for Cohesion Funds.


The call addresses the following priorities:


Funding Objective 1:
• Pre-identified projects on the corridors of the Core Network (railways, inland waterways, roads, maritime and inland ports)
• Pre-identified projects on other sections of the Core Network (railways, inland waterways, roads, maritime and inland ports)
• European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS)


Funding Objective 2:
• Deployment of new technologies and innovation in all transport modes, with a focus on decarbonisation, safety and innovative technologies for the promotion of sustainability, operation, management, accessibility, multimodality and efficiency of the network
• Safe and secure infrastructure, including safe and secure parking on the road core network


Funding Objective 3:
• Motorways of the Sea




Work Programme



  Multi-Annual Work Programme 2014 - English version pdf .pdf (52.3 KB)
 Annex - English version pdf .pdf (348.3 KB)
Specific priorities:  
Core Network Corridors pdf .pdf (108.6 KB)
Other Core Network sections pdf .pdf (31.3 KB)
ERTMS pdf .pdf (38.9 KB)

pdf .pdf (49.3 KB)

Safe and secure infrastructure

pdf .pdf (42.4 KB)

Motorways of the Seas (MoS)

pdf .pdf (39 KB)

  Multi-Annual Work Programme 2014 - French version pdf .pdf (53.9 KB)
 Annex - French version pdf .pdf (344.3 KB)
  Multi-Annual Work Programme 2014 - German version pdf .pdf (53.7 KB)
 Annex - German version pdf .pdf (369.7 KB)



Call for Proposals documents



Multi-annual Funding Objective - Specific Call for Cohesion Funds     pdf .pdf (532.6 KB)

1st Addendum to the Multi-annual Funding Objective - Specific Call for Cohesion Funds  text  - 22 January 2015

Official Journal of the European Union (2015/C 20/05)

  pdf .pdf (125.1 KB)

2nd Addendum to the Multi-annual Funding Objective - Specific Call for Cohesion Funds text - 23 February 2015

Official Journal of the European Union (2015/TBC)

  pdf .pdf (61.9 KB)
Priority  Maximum available funding*  
Corridors of the Core Network €3.2 billion   pdf .pdf (193.2 KB)
Other sections of the Core Network €400 million   pdf .pdf (209.6 KB)
ERTMS €100 million   pdf .pdf (312.3 KB)
Innovation €130 million   pdf .pdf (194.1 KB)
Safe and secure infrastructure

€70 million 

 pdf .pdf (156.9 KB) 
Motorways of the Seas (MoS)

€100 million 

 pdf .pdf (158.6 KB)

 * includes Programme and Support Actions


Application Form


Application Form Part A - TENtec eSubmission module Available here

Application Form Part A - Word template

This template is provided for information purposes only. Electronic submission using the eSubmission module is mandatory.

doc.doc (431 KB)
Application Form Part B - Administrative information - Updated on 22 January 2015 doc .doc (131 KB)
Application Form Part C - Compliance with EU policy and law docx .docx (77.6 KB)

Application Form Part D - Technical and Financial information

doc .doc (142.5 KB)

Financial capacity check

xlsx.xlsx (290.1 KB)


Guidance Documents



Guide for Applicants

pdf .pdf (480 KB)
Addendum to the Guide for Applicants - 22 January 2015 pdf .pdf (98.6 KB)
TENtec eSubmission User Manual/eSub guidance note
For any technical questions regarding the TENtec eSubmission module, please contact the Call Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will respond to technical questions until the call deadline.
pdf.pdf (985.4 KB)




Background documents & useful info


Regulation on TEN-T Guidelines Available here
CEF Regulation Available here

EU Financial Regulation 

Available here

Rules of Application 

Available here

Model grant agreement

This model agreement does not include Annex VII (Model terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statements) which is still under revision by the Commission and INEA.


Model grant agreement (multi-lingual versions)

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Privacy statement pdf .pdf (286.3 KB) 
Proposal checklist pdf .pdf (319.7 KB)
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