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RAIL-TO-AIR - Enhancing the RAIL interconnection between TOrino urban node, AIRport and related hinterland
CEF Transport
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March 2020 to June 2023
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Regione Piemonte (Italy)

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April 2022


The Action is located on the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor, in the Piedmont Region of Italy. It is the last part of a Global Project to bridge the missing link between the Core urban node of Torino and the Torino "Caselle" Core airport, on the Torino-Ceres railway line, by re-establishing the rail connection between them.

The Action covers works for:

  • the construction of a railway tunnel under "Corso Grosseto" avenue, leading to the Rebaudengo railway station on the Torino-Milano high speed railway line. This entails the decommissioning of the "Madonna di Campagna" and "Dora" stations, the latter being the current centralised traffic management centre
  • the upgrading of the railway line safety and security standards between the new intersection with the high speed line and Torino "Caselle" Airport
  • a new underground stop along the Corso Grosseto tunnel"Fermata Grossetto";
  • the upgrading of the underground Rebaudengo station to accommodate the connection of the two lines

Once accomplished, the Action will enable the direct rail connection to the airport (counting 4 million passengers/year), thus connecting two modes of long-distance transport and fostering the modal shift from road to rail to reach the airport.