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LNGHIVE2 Algeciras - A Flex LNG bunkering vessel in the port of Algeciras
CEF Transport
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July 2020 to November 2023
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ENAGAS S.A. (Spain)

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January 2022


The density of supply points is a crucial factor to ensure the continuity of service with LNG-fueled ships. In southern Europe, the lack of LNG bunkering infrastructure is a functional barrier both for the cross Gibraltar strait traffic as well as for the deep-sea long distance routes.

The Action's overall objective is to overcome this barrier by building a new Flex LNG bunkering vessel with a capacity of 12,500 m3. It will be able to bunker large LNG-fueled vessels at sea as well as to feed barges for small scale bunkering in the port of Algeciras at the south end of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridor.

The scope of the Action encompasses the procurement, engineering, construction and the certification of the vessel, the environmental monitoring of early operation as well as the training of the crew. It is part of the broader LNGHIVE2 project, the Spanish flagship initiative for LNG maritime fuel deployment in Southern Europe.