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Modernisation of the Pardubice Railway Junction
CEF Transport
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July 2020 to December 2023
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August 2021



The Action is part of a Global Project that aims to upgrade the Praha–Brno railway corridor. The Pardubice Railway Junction is located on the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor (Praha-Brno-Breclav pre-identified section) and on the Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridor.

The Action's overall objective is to improve the technical condition and parameters of the railway junction to ensure required interoperability, achieve higher track speed and reduce travel time.

To deliver on the objective, the Action covers mainly reconstruction of substructure and superstructure, construction of service and technological buildings, installation of new interlocking and signalling equipment, upgrade of catenary and heavy-current technology and supervision. It includes reconstruction and modernisation of four platforms and construction of one new platform, all with barrier-free access, new lifts and escalators.

The upgraded tracks in total length of 23,476 metres will meet EU requirements for core network as set by Regulation 1315/2013 and the interoperability Directive 2008/57/EC, ensuring the 1,435 mm gauge, 225 kN axle load, tracks allowing the running of trains with a length of 740 m and

a speed of at least 160 km/h on the main tracks.