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Přerov junction – Technologies and selected infrastructure
CEF Transport
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January 2020 to May 2023
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August 2021



The Action is part of the Global Project that aims to upgrade the Přerov railway junction located on the pre-identified "Katowice-Ostrava-Brno-Wien and Katowice-Žilina-Bratislava–Wien" section of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor and "Ostrava/Přerov-Žilina-Košice–Ukrainian border" section of the Rhine Danube Core Network Corridor. Due to inadequate technical parameters and deteriorated condition, the junction currently represents a major bottleneck on the rail network.

The Action addresses the construction of road and pedestrian overpasses, technological building in the Dluhonice overtaking station, interlocking, signalling and catenary.

Following the completion of the Global Project, the upgraded infrastructure will meet the EU core network requirements, ensuring the 1,435 mm gauge , 225 kN axle load, tracks allowing the running of trains with a length of 740 m and a speed of at least 160 km/h.