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SMART-C - Scalo MArotti viRTual Corridor
CEF Transport
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November 2018 to January 2021
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Autorita' di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Centrale (Italy)

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August 2021


SMART-C Action is part of the Global Project TinS (Transferimento in sicurezza – Secure transfer). The Global Project started in 2018 and is aiming at improving the quality of ferry traffic services (embarking and disembarking operations, security checks and custom clearing procedures) and at better addressing the traffic growth in the port of Ancona (IT) by shifting the current customs parking (located in the old port) outside the ferry port customs gate.

SMART-C Action is a study with a pilot activity and aims at testing the application of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the port for the tracking and tracing of vehicles along the port road linking customs areas in the port. The Action consists of the acquisition, setting, start up and management of the ICT systems to test the capacity of the AI technology as an innovative solution for the secure transfer of vehicles between the two customs areas.

In the long term, the Action will have a positive impact on traffic management, congestion, safety and security.