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Replacement of secondary surveillance radars for Amsterdam Schiphol and Groningen Eelde airports by WAM/ADS-B
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November 2018 to December 2021
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Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (Netherlands)

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October 2020


The Global Project aims at a gradual transition from a predominantly Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) infrastructure to a mix of radar, Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) as promoted by the European ATM Masterplan.

The overall objective of this Action is to provide WAM/ADS-B coverage in large parts of the Dutch Flight Information Region. The Action will replace two LVNL radars with a WAM and ADS-B solution and decommission and remove the obsolete radars. The radars in question are the approach radars for the Terminal Area (TAR) at Groningen Airport Eelde (TAR Eelde) and for the TAR at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (TAR 1).

The Action will be implemented through nine activities: Activity 1 (Project management); Activity 2 (Acquisition of the WAM/ADS-B system ); Activity 3 (Preparation for the WAM/ADS-B system for Groningen Airport Eelde); Activity 4 (Installation and commissioning of the WAM/ADS-B system for Groningen Airport Eelde); Activity 5 (Decommissioning and removal of SSR radar TAR Eelde); Activity 6 (Preparation for the WAM/ADS-B system for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol); Activity 7 (Installation and commissioning of a WAM/ADS-B subsystem for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol); Activity 8 (Decommissioning and removal of TAR1); and Activity 9 (ADS-B quality evaluation).