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Capacity Extension of Shannon Foynes (CESF)
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April 2018 to December 2023
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Shannon Foynes Port Company (Ireland)

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May 2020


The Action will contribute to the Global Project of further improving the capacity of the Shannon Foynes Core Network port, on the Westcoast of Ireland.

It will be crucial to realise the multimodal connection of the new port lands to the existing port and thereby remove the bottleneck of shipping and goods in transit at the Shannon Foynes port.

The Action will construct an open piled jetty structure connecting the East and West jetties and reclaim circa one hectare of land behind the newly constructed jetty, including the construction of oil and other waste reception facilities. It will reclaim new port lands of circa 38 hectares allowing the expansion of the port and the connection of the existing port to the national road and rail network.

The Action will remove the bottleneck of shipping and goods in transit at Shannon Foynes port. The reclamation and development of this land will facilitate the future rail and road connection to the new deep-water facility at Foynes Island.