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SESAR Deployment Programme Implementation
CEF Transport
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April 2018 to December 2023
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SESAR Deployment Alliance Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (AISBL) (Belgium)

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September 2020


The Action contributes to the deployment of SESAR and is aimed at facilitating the coordinated and synchronised deployment of a cluster of 49 Implementation Projects (IPs) in 22 EU Member States and Serbia. These IPs are aligned with the Pilot Common Projects (PCP, Regulation 716/2014) and will enhance ATM performance.

This Action includes IPs of all six ATM Functionalities (AFs):

  • AF1 Extended Arrival Management and Performance Based Navigation in high density Terminal Manoeuvring Areas
  • AF2 Airport Integration and Throughput
  • AF3 Flexible Airspace Management and Free Route
  • AF4 Network Collaborative Management
  • AF5 Initial System Wide Information Management
  • AF6 Initial Trajectory Information Sharing