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Central European Ultra Charging
CEF Transport
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January 2018 to May 2021
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VERBUND AG (Austria)

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May 2019


This Action will build on the results of previous TEN-T/CEF Actions, such as Central European Green Corridors, EVA+, Ultra-E and NCE-FastEvNet.

The overall objective is to enable long-distance driving with electric vehicles in the market uptake of this technology as well as the connection of main urban nodes with TEN-T corridors.

The Action will deploy and operate a network of ultra-fast charging stations (up to 350 kW) for Electric Vehicles in Central Europe, providing linked coverage for long-distance and cross-border travels in AT, CZ, HU, northern IT and SK as well as cross-border connection to main urban nodes of southern IT, RO and BG.

118 stations will be deployed on the TEN-T Core Network with main emphasis on the corridors. All drivers will receive access to the charging network in line with Directive 2014/94/EU, with regards to the ad-hoc charging and the possibility to access the charging infrastructure with any managed service provider (MSP) in case of contract based charging.

While ensuring fast charging interoperability of service within EU and bridging the technology adoption gap between EU Member States (also strengthening EU cohesion), the Action will leverage market-ready products and driving innovation in operational processes as well as targeted marketing actions.