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Upgrade of the Iron Gate I navigational lock
CEF Transport
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July 2017 to December 2020
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Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Construction

Transport and Infrastructure (Serbia)

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July 2019


The Action belongs to a Global Project aimed at ensuring good navigation status in the Serbian section of the Danube and along the Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridor.

The Action's objective is to upgrade the Iron Gate I (Djerdap I) navigational lock located on a cross–border section of the Danube River, at the km 943 of the river, as well as its operating control system. The upgrade will ensure safe and reliable transport of vessels arriving from the Austrian/Slovakian section and passing through the Iron Gate on their journey to Romania and the lower Danube. It will also support modal split by fostering the use of inland waterway transport and eliminate bottlenecks along the Rhine-Danube core network corridor.

The scope of the Action:

• Upgrade of the electro-hydraulic drives and its components
• Ancillary works in the locks
• Civil engineering upgrades and reconstruction works