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Lyon urban node – Elimination of the railway bottleneck (preparatory works)
CEF Transport
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February 2017 to June 2020
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Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition - Ministry of Transport (France)

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September 2020


The Lyon railway junction (NFL), located on the North Sea-Mediterranean and Mediterranean Corridors, is of vital importance for (inter)national and regional freight/passenger traffic transiting the city.

The Action will carry out works in the Part-Dieu and Guillotière districts in order to relieve congestion at the NFL, to improve performance, efficiency of rail infrastructure and operating conditions such as robustness, resilience and safety of the network.

Planned activities are the preparatory works for the creation of a 12th platform at Lyon Part-Dieu station, relocation of the Traffic Management Control Centre, installation of an automatic works protection (lockout) system in the Lyon Part-Dieu railway sector, and automation of the sets of stabling tracks at Les Brotteaux.