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CEF Transport
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March 2017 to December 2020
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Západoslovenská energetika

a.s. (Slovakia)

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June 2019


The main objective of the Action is to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) multi-standard charging infrastructure, with focus on long-distance travelling.

The Action will deploy a pilot network of 222 multi-standard fast charging points and 30 ultra-fast charging stations. It will be developed along 4 TEN-T Core Network Corridors (Orient/East-Med, Baltic-Adriatic, Mediterranean, and Rhine-Danube) and along the Core network in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

Moreover the Action will:
- define one continuous pilot network of ultra-fast and fast charging points in the concerned Member States and test it;
- define the technology component for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and services and establish new or adapt current ICT systems to be suitable for both ultra-fast and fast charging functionalities;
- evaluate in real-life the potential of stationary storage (of at least 100 kWh capacity each) to build charging points in locations with limited grid connectivity;
- outline the steps needed for moving towards market maturing for the creation EV Roll-Out across the cohesion Member states.