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February 2017 to December 2020
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WaterstofNet vzw (Belgium)

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July 2020


The Action's overall objective is to accelerate the market development of hydrogen as a fuel for road transport. It is part of a Global Project aiming to fully develop a hydrogen refuelling network in Benelux interconnected with the network of bordering Member States on a Trans-European Perspective.

The Action consists of the deployment with real life trial of 8 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) in BENELUX (1 in Luxemburg, 3 in Belgium and 4 in the Netherlands) across 3 Core Network Corridors: North Sea-Mediterranean, North Sea Baltic and Rhine-Alpine. Part of the stations will be brownfield and deployed on existing traditional fuel stations while others will be on a greenfield sites. Thus the Action encompasses the draft and detail design, permitting and authorisations, construction, commissioning and operations of the stations.

Data from the real life trial will be gathered from both stations and end-users. To do so approximately a core focus group of 80 end users (10 per station) will be actively involved in the real life trial and will provide data and feedbacks on their experiences. Results from operations will be assessed to define business models for the HRS, the client relationship and to define a business plan for the roll out too. Results will be widely disseminated.