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2016 CEF Transport Calls: FAQ

This page contains the frequently asked questions (FAQ) pertaining to the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals received by the Calls Helpdesk. It it no longer possible to send questions and the page will no longer be updated.


The general FAQ covers areas such as eligibility, cofunding, submission and compliance issues.


Priority-specific FAQs contain more targeted information on a specific call priority or modal issues.


General FAQ

FAQ Last update

General FAQ 


1 February 2017
General FAQ - Neighbouring countries


16 December 2016



Priority specific FAQs

FAQ Last update
Core Network Corridors and Other sections of the Core Network (MAP Cohesion call)
Projects on the Core Network (AP Cohesion call)
Projects on the Core and Comprehensive Networks (AP General call)


27 January 2017


27 January 2017
Innovation and New Technologies


2 February 2017

Safe and secure infrastructure


16 December 2016


19 January 2017
ITS for Road


31 January 2017
Motorways of the Sea


27 January 2017
Multimodal logistics platforms


16 December 2016
Freight Transport Services


31 January 2017
Rail Freight Noise


29 November 2016
Nodes of the Core Network


27 January 2017


This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list is based on the rules and conditions contained in the legal documents relating to the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals. It is intended to ensure that the same guidance is provided to all potential applicants, and does not in itself have legal value.