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Air Traffic Management (ATM) System Deployment
CEF Transport
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March 2016 to September 2019
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Valstybes Imone "Oro navigacija" / State Enterprise "Oro navigacija" (Lithuania)

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May 2019


The Action covers the first step of the Development Roadmap of ATM solution of the Baltic FAB (Functional Airspace Block Lithuania-Poland): Deployment of a new ATM System aligned with interoperability Through European Collaboration (iTEC) concept.

This Action is therefore part of joint Baltic FAB ATM solution implementation process and it will contribute to efficient Single European Sky development and consolidation and optimisation of ANS provision in the Baltic FAB.

The action will be implemented in the Vilnius Area Control Centre and affects the full Lithuanian airspace.

The ATM system deployed in Vilnius will consist of three main components:
- Operational system
- ATC Simulator
- Technical test platform