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Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure - Zagreb Pier container terminal (POR2CORE-ZCT)
CEF Transport
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October 2016 to December 2021
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Port of Rijeka Authority (Croatia)

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February 2021


The Action is part of a Global Project for the development of the Port of Rijeka, which is a pre-identified section of the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor. The Action aims to upgrade the infrastructure and to develop the rail interconnections of the Zagreb terminal, in view of resolving the bottleneck caused by an increase of economic and industrial activities in its hinterland, the modernisation of land routes - namely road and rail connections, the modernisation of port facilities and simplification of customs formalities.

The Action includes:

  1. The reconstruction of a cargo section of the Rijeka Railway station;
  2. The adjustment of the railway tracks' connection between the Rijeka railway station's cargo section and the existing railway network of the general cargo terminal;
  3. The construction of a modern and efficient intermodal yard at the Zagreb container terminal.
  4. Supervision;
  5. Communication, and;
  6. Project management

The upgrade of the port infrastructure's main objective is to support the growth of the Port of Rijeka as an important part of the North Adriatic Multiport Gateway, in order to make it an efficient, sustainable and multimodal entry and exit point for cargo transport.