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Preventing incident and accident by safer ships on the oceans - PICASSO
CEF Transport
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May 2016 to June 2018
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Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (Spain)

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December 2020


This Motorways of the Sea Action addressed wider benefits by studying and testing effective ICT formative solutions to enhance the efficiency, safety and security of on board and on shore operation, addressing the human element.

Activities of on shore/on board safety and security, emergency simulations and training and human factor have been achieved.

In particular, the safety and security responses supported by the use of unmanned vehicles and other IT tools has been improved, including the development of ship to shore data sharing. Emergency simulation and BB-S Application in drills and distress situations have been put in place. IT safety tools and port emergency situations managing training courses have been delivered.

Built upon the results of previous EU supported initiatives, such as Monalisa 2.0, the Action has contributed to the global framework of the EU maritime transport policy in delivering a modern and developed maritime sector, with a well-trained and up-to-date work force that has enabled the sector to become greener, safer and more efficient and sustainable.