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TIMELY [Inter-Networks Traffic Management in the Lyon Metropolitan Area]
CEF Transport
Call year:
Location of the Action:
Implementation schedule: 
June 2015 to May 2018
Maximum EU contribution: 
2 428 000 €
Total eligible costs: 
12 140 000 €
Percentage of EU support: 


Transport corridor:
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Last modified: 
September 2019


Lyon is the second French metropolitan area and a major European road node, hosting flows from north to south of Europe. The Action aims to ensure accessibility to Grand Lyon metropolitan's area in a context of traffic growth. It is focused on the inter-connections between highway networks and metropolitan radial roads which constitute last mile itineraries towards city centre.

It will provide a better interconnected management of TEN-T network corridors and metropolitan networks and enhance networks management and end-user information. The urban node of Lyon is located on two Core Network Corridors (Mediterranean and North Sea-Mediterranean Corridors). The Action consists of deployment of Systems and Services, project management and evaluation and knowledge management. It will enforce Grand Lyon Métropole sustainable urban mobility policy and support modal shift on the last mile, leading to more efficient co-modality.