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Cross Border Section of the New Lyon-Turin Rail Link Mont Cenis Base Tunnel (TBM)
CEF Transport
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January 2014 to December 2022
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Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti (Italy)

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February 2021


The existing railway line connecting France and Italy runs through the Alps. It is a mountain line which has limited traffic performance. The Action will develop a new rail line between France and Italy for wide gauge (heavy freight), rolling motorway and high speed passenger trains. It is part of a Global Project on the development of a cross-border rail network to link Europe from east to west. The Action forms a key part of the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor.

Activities include the completion of geological studies, works at the Mont-Cenis Base Tunnel, in Saint-Jean de Maurienne (including the construction of the international station) and preparatory works in Susa valleys (including connections to the historical line).

The Action will contribute to rebalance the European economy and competitiveness and strengthen the transport network within Europe, enhancing its overall efficiency, safety and security.