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The Fehmarnbelt tunnel - The fixed rail and road link between Scandinavia and Germany
CEF Transport
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January 2017 to December 2023
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Transportministeriet (Denmark)

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April 2022


This Action is part of a Global Project focused on establishing an efficient transport system across the Scandinavian–Mediterranean Core Network Corridor. The aim of the present Action is to build the fixed rail link across the Fehmarnbelt between Puttgarden (Germany) and Rødbyhavn (Denmark).

The Action encompasses dredging of the seabed and starting constructing of the tunnel (including the installation of the technical infrastructure and systems necessary for its construction and operation).

Overall, the Action will result in a significant reduction of the travel time between Copenhagen and Hamburg. It will enhance accessibility to the railway transport leading to a transfer of freight and passengers from road to rail.