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January 2015 to December 2017
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Republic of Finland

Ministry of Transport and Communications

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October 2018


The proposed action, NordicWay, is a pre-deployment pilot of Cooperative ITS (CITS) services in four countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) which will be followed by wide-scale deployment and potentially to be scaled up to Europe.

NordicWay has the potential to improve safety, efficiency and comfort of mobility and connect road transport with other modes. NordicWay is the first large-scale pilot using cellular communication (3G and LTE/4G) for C-ITS. It offers continuous interoperable services to the users with roaming between different mobile networks and cross-border, offering C-ITS services across all participating countries.

NordicWay puts emphasis on building a sustainable business model on the large investment of the public sector on the priority services of the ITS Directive.

NordicWay is fully based on European standards and will act as the last mile between C-ITS research and development and wide-scale deployment.