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Beneficiaries' Info Point

This section aims to provide you with useful information, guidelines and documents to make your work with the Agency and the entire project process more effective and efficient.

Background documents

Contains important documents such as the Commission Decision on personnel costs and the model grant agreement.

If you would like to see some information included in this section which isn't currently here, please contact us.

Title Description
2018-2 Grant Agreement preparation (presentation and recording)
CEF guidelines Guidelines on the Eligibility of Costs under the Connecting Europe Facility

Frequently Asked Questions - 2019 CEF Telecom calls

Frequently Asked Questions - project implementation

CEF Telecom Grant Agreement

Model Grant agreement - CEF Telecom - 2014 version

Model Grant agreement - CEF Telecom 2017-2 & 2017-3 - updated April 2017
Model Grant agreement - CEF Telecom 2018 - April 2017 version, updated October 2018

CEF Telecom Grant Agreement preparation

Forms and templates

Final technical report - Annex V

Final report drafting guidance

Individual Financial Statement – Annex VI
Consolidated Financial Statement – Annex VI
2014 eID (lump sum contract) - Summary Financial Statement - Annex VI

Terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statement - Annex VII

Model terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statements - Version August 2015

Model terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statements - Version November 2017

The version of November 2017 is compulsory for Grant Agreements signed after 1 January 2018. Furthermore, INEA accepts and even strongly encourages beneficiaries to use the November 2017 version for Grant Agreements signed before 1 January 2018.

   Annex 1:          Implementation contracts list
   Annex 2:          Certified Financial Statement sampled transactions

Declaration of personnel costs - updated April 2018
Guide to currency conversion to Euro - updated on 3 January 2017

Financial Guarantees (Pre-financing)

Third Party Guarantee - updated on 22 February 2017

Bank Guarantee - updated on 22 February 2017

Beneficiary Guarantee - updated on 22 February 2017

Publicity and logos

Publicity Guidelines + logos
Learn how to correctly cite European Commission funding on your dissemination materials as required by the CEF Regulation, funding logo and disclaimer in all official EU languages.

Communicating CEF projects guidelines
Useful advice on how to create the communication plan of the CEF project


*For British applicants:
Please be aware that eligibility criteria must be complied with for the entire duration of the grant. If the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU during the grant period without concluding an agreement with the EU ensuring in particular that British applicants continue to be eligible, you will cease to receive EU funding (while continuing, where possible, to participate) or be required to leave the project on the basis of Article II.16.3.1 (a) (change of the legal situation of the beneficiary) of the grant agreement.