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Safer Internet Centre Lithuania: III
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January 2019 to December 2020
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Centre of Information Technologies in Education (Lithuania)

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April 2019


The Action ( III) aims at continuing to run a Safer Internet Centre in Lithuania (SIC, the Safer Internet Centre Lithuania) by providing:

1. An Awareness Centre, operated by CITE and LIA, called “Draugiškas internetas”. It serves for informing children, their parents, grandparents and teachers about better and safer use of the internet, building on enhanced digital resource centres (repositories), from which specific awareness toolkits and services are adapted and deployed, in cooperation with third parties.
2. Helpline services operated by Children line and called “Vaikų linija” (by telephone and online) for children and parents for reporting and dealing with harmful contact, offensive conduct and undesirable or harmful content.
3. A hotline, operated by RRT called hotline of “Draugiškas internetas”, for receiving and managing reports and data on online illegal child sexual abuse and cooperating with other stakeholders such as police, hosters, legal actors, network of hotlines and Internet service providers and EU core service platform.
The three components of the SIC will cooperate by setting up a single Advisory Board with national stakeholders.
Finally, the beneficiaries will closely coordinate their activities with the core service platform and with the Insafe and INHOPE networks.