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February 2019 to October 2020
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Vilnius University (Lithuania)

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November 2020


The CEF Europeana DSI aims at supporting cultural institutions and other partners to increase the amount of content and metadata accessible through Europeana that is of high quality and suitable for reuse and to increase awareness and usage of Europeana.

The Action aims to showcase high-quality content related to archaeological monuments, historic buildings, cultural landscapes, artefacts and raise awareness of its potential for citizens, educators, students and companies to re-use applications.

A significant amount of content, like texts, images, drawings, plans, videos and 3D models, is already available on Europeana. The Action will increase the quality, discoverability and reusability of this content. Moreover, it will add new high-quality re-usable content, extending in this way the reach and relevance of the collection for users.

Metadata enrichment, rights clearance and targeted digitisation will take place to increase the quality of available content. Moreover, the use of multilingual Linked Open Data will be pursued to improve cross-border discovery. The Action will provide expert support to cultural institutions and offer training to increase use of archaeological material available through Europeana. Lastly, it will contribute to raising awareness of the digital archaeological and architectural content.