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January 2019 to June 2020
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April 2019


The CEF Europeana DSI aims at supporting cultural institutions and other public and private partners to increase the amount of high quality content and metadata accessible through Europeana and the awareness and usage of Europeana.
This specific Action aims at developing a harmonised and coordinated environment for national aggregators (NAs), to collaborate, share resources and technical means, and agree on common recommendations and standards. Moreover, it will improve the quality of the content and metadata.
The Action will contribute to the improvement of up to 4 million records out of 13.9 million metadata records currently in Europeana, at least to comply with Tier 2 specifications of the Europeana Publishing Framework (EPF). Additionally, up to 1.7 million new records that comply with Tier 3 or 4 will be added. Concrete use cases will assess and demonstrate innovation in aggregation. Semantic enrichment will improve discoverability and indexing of Europeana. Lastly, the Action includes events, training seminars, online presence, and publications, in order to increase awareness of Europeana.
The results of the Action will benefit the whole value chain of digital cultural heritage: memory institutions, digital content holders, educational sector, creative, private citizenship, public administration, and cultural tourism.