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Connecting Regional and Local Administrations to Spanish eIDAS Node (eID4Spain)
CEF Telecom
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September 2018 to February 2020
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Universitat de València (Estudi General) (Spain)

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November 2020


The CEF eID Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) helps public administrations and private online service providers to extend the use of their online services to citizens from other EU Member States in line with the eIDAS Regulation.

The Action connected public e-services provided by 4 Spanish local and regional administrations (Junta de Extremadura, Diputación de Ciudad Real, Diputación de València and Ayuntamiento de Rivas Vaciamadrid) to the Spanish eIDAS node via CL@VE 2.0 in order to enable cross-border authentication in line with the eIDAS Regulation.

As a result of this Action, EU citizens can now use those e-services with their national eID credentials making it easier and faster to communicate with the Spanish authorities.