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EeISI - European eInvoicing Standard in Italy
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May 2018 to June 2019
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Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (Italy)

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eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU

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March 2019


The CEF eInvoicing building block supports public administrations in complying with the eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU, in particular the new European eInvoicing standard (EN).

The action consolidates the Italian Core Invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS) of the EN and assesses the possible alignment of the national CIUS to the PEPPOL BIS Invoice v3 (PEPPOL CIUS) in order to provide a complete interoperability. Moreover, the Italian national eInvoicing format will be aligned to the European semantic core model to boost the adoption of the EN in the Italian domestic context.

In order to manage the new Italian CIUS, the eInvoice Mapper Framework developed under CEF Telecom funded action 2015-EU-IA-0050 will be upgraded. This will result in the upgrade of national e-invoicing exchange system (Sdi) and eInvoicing systems of INTERCENT-ER and UNIONCAMERE. Moreover to facilitate and promote the use of EN at a domestic and cross-border level, specific services targeting SMEs will be made available by UNIONCAMERE AND INTERCENT-ER.

Furthermore, the action will include the deployment and integration of the CEF eDelivery services to enable the invoice transmission. 3 Access Points will be deployed (SdI, UNIONCAMERE, INFOCERT) and Access Point of INTERCENT-ER will be upgraded to support AS4 eSENS profile.