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INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over the CEF Telecom legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.
Opening Up Historiana
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October 2018 to June 2020
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European Association of History Educators (Netherlands)

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August 2021


The CEF Europeana DSI supports actions that provide tools for end users to highlight, share or enrich material accessible through Europeana and produce concrete examples of re-use of the material accessible through Europeana in other sectors.

This Action aimed at improving the user experience of educators through the development of three interactive eLearning tools that would build on the existing Historiana service.

The Action expanded the functionalities of the Historiana eLearning Environment, in which users can search and select sources from Europeana Collections and use these sources to create and share eLearning Activities in the language of their choice. It added three new eLearning tools to the Historiana eLearning Environment through a collaborative process including sketching, proto-typing and testing by web developers on the basis of feedback from the user's community (history educators and their students). Moreover, the creation of the partner pages make it possible for cultural heritage institutes to feature source collections and eLearning Activities with items form Europeana.

The Action contributes in opening up Historiana to both web developers and mostly to developers of educational resources, and directly to the re-use of sources from Europeana Collections, which benefits both educators and students.