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National European Central Translation Memory Data (NEC TM Data)
CEF Telecom
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Implementation schedule: 
September 2018 to February 2020
Maximum EU contribution: 

Pangeanic – BI EUROPA S.L. (Spain)

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January 2021


The NEC TM Data Action increased the volumes of parallel data available to the European Commission for developing the CEF eTranslation platform; promoted the flow of translation data (specifically Translation Memories - TMs) from translation companies to public administrations; enabled public administrations to fully leverage TMs; and supported the work of translators working on public sector texts.

The Action achieved its objectives through the deployment of a central pan-European TM-sharing platform and the creation of a pan-European data-sharing awareness campaign.

The Action provided benefits to both national public administrations and CEF eTranslation including;

  • Additional data (parallel data) for CEF eTranslation in multiple languages and domains, particularly valuable data in under-resourced languages and domains not available until now.
  • Central access to a multilingual repository of TMs in multiple languages from various EU public administrations.
  • TM categorization and centralized platform to provide and share TMs across languages and domains.
  • Single point for not only gathering TMs in various languages but also providing collected TMs to CEF eTranslation.
  • Plugins for public sector translators working on public sector texts to access TMs in their language pairs/domain.