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Construction of LNG terminal Krk


The Action implements the first phase of the project of common interest (PCI) 6.5.1, which consists of the phased development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the island of Krk in Croatia. The objective of the Action is to procure and put into operation a permanently moored Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) and to construct a dedicated jetty and a connecting pipeline with an approximate send-out capacity of 2 bcm/year. The investments will form an integrated facility to unload, store and regasify LNG and will allow for anchoring special purpose LNG vessels, refilling LNG into the tanks, storing and reloading. The regasification plant of the terminal will allow for supplying regasified natural gas to the national gas grid system. The reloading facility of the terminal will enable refilling of liquefied natural gas to the smaller special purpose LNG vessels.

The completion of the Action will enhance the diversification of natural gas supply for Central Eastern & South Eastern Europe, it will increase security of gas supply, improve competitiveness in the region and provide for a more effective integration of key infrastructure projects like the North-South Gas Interconnections in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe into the European gas market.

The Action represents the next step in the PCI development, following the preparatory studies carried out under other CEF-funded actions (6.5.1-0037-HR-S-M-14, 6.5.1-0026-HR-S-M-15 and 6.5.1-0014-HR-S-M-16).

The Action will start in February 2018.


Estimated cost of the action: €363,180,516 Percentage of EU support:  27.92%
Maximum EU contribution: €101,400,000


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Member States involved:



Implementation schedule:

Start date: February 2018

End date: December 2019



 LNG Hrvatska d.o.o.



Additional information:

 European Commission, DG ENER

 Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

 European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG)


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