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Development on Romanian territory of the National Gas Transmission System on the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria direction, execution works Stage 1
CEF Energy
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July 2016 to August 2021
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Societatea Nationala de Transport Gaze Naturale TRANSGAZ S.A. (Romania)

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European Commission, DG ENER

Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG)

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August 2021


The Action contributes to the implementation of the Project of Common Interest (PCI) 7.1.5 “Gas pipeline from Bulgaria to Austria via Romania and Hungary”, which consists in a new onshore pipeline with a length of approx. 1318 km and with a delivery capacity of 6.1 mcm/day in Bulgaria, 6.1 mcm/day in Romania, 6.1 mcm/day in Hungary and 52 mcm/day in Austria. The initial throughput capacity is of 23 bcm/year. The power of the compressor stations amounts to a total of 345 MW.

The Action implements the Stage 1 of the PCI and consists in the construction of a gas transmission pipeline from the Technological Node (TN) Podisor up to the TN Recas, as well as three compressor stations.

The achievement of this Action will ensure the interconnection of the gas transmission systems in Bulgaria and Hungary with the gas transmission system in Romania through the interconnection pipelines Romania-Bulgaria and Romania-Hungary, ensuring the interconnectivity between the low pressure system in Romania and the high pressure systems in Bulgaria and Hungary.

The performance of the works and services related to the current Action will allow for the implementation of Stage 2 of PCI 7.1.5, by upgrading the transmission capacity and increasing the related pressures.