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PCI Twinning of Southwest Scotland onshore System between Cluden & Brighouse Bay (UK)
CEF Energy
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August 2014 to November 2018
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GNI (UK) Limited (United Kingdom)

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Executive Summary available here.

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European Commission, DG ENER

Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG)

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April 2021


This Action has implemented the Project of Common Interest (PCI) 5.2 "Twinning of Southwest Scotland onshore System between Cluden and Brighouse Bay". It involved the construction of the remaining 50 km system of transmission pipeline, with a 914 mm diameter, that will operate as a high pressure transmission pipeline and transport an additional quantity of 1.1 bcm/year of natural gas to Ireland.

The Action addressed the current pressure restriction in the onshore system and completed a dual pipeline system between Ireland and the UK. It has also removed security of supply concerns, thus increased the operational pressures by around 20% and gas capacity by around 10% in the network. Other activities associated with the Action's implementation included environmental studies, material procurement and construction - leading to the commissioning of the pipeline and the successful completion of the Action. While for the 50 km section of the pipeline there are valid planning consents, the local deviation of 7 km at Dumfries has been subject to the consent of the competent environmental authorities.

The completion of the Action has, as a result, reduced compressor fuel gas usage and increased pipeline storage and technical capacity, bringing about environmental benefits through a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.