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CEF Telecom Call for Proposals 2014

The 2014 CEF Telecom Calls for Proposals made financing available for European telecommunications projects. Two calls for generic services took place in 2014, for a total indicative budget of € 19.5 million.

For more information about each call, see the links below.




Calls for proposals under the 2014 Work Programme


Call Status Deadline for submissions

CEF Telecom Call – Electronic Identification and authentication (eID) - CEF-TC-2014-3

(indicative budget: €8.7 million) 


(2 June 2015)

CEF Telecom Call - EUROPEANA
This call was managed by the European Commission.

(indicative budget: €8.9 million)


 (23 September 2014)

CEF Telecom Call - Safer Internet - CEF-TC-2014-1

(indicative budget: €10.8 million)


(27 August 2014)