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EUIP Bluecard Form Holder
Title Fee Validity period Salary threshold Blue Cards issued
Austria 120 EUR 24 months 58 434 EUR 128
Belgium 215 EUR 13 months 51 494 EUR 19
Bulgaria 55 EUR 48 months 10 326 EUR 21
Croatia 137 EUR N/A months 19 338 EUR 7
Cyprus 0 EUR n/a months 0 EUR 0
Czech Republic 92 EUR 24 months 11 408 EUR 104
Estonia 120 EUR 27 months 18 096 EUR 15
Finland 550 EUR 24 months 56 774 EUR 88
France 269 EUR 48 months 53 836 EUR 1523
Germany 110 EUR 48 months 53 600 EUR 26995
Greece 300 EUR 24 months 30 675 EUR 0
Hungary 60 EUR N.A. months 16 700 EUR 19
Italy 100 EUR 24 months 24 789 EUR 301
Latvia 100 EUR 60 months 13 776 EUR 32
Lithuania 114 EUR 36 months 23 160 EUR 252
Luxembourg 80 EUR 24 months 71 946 EUR 262
Malta 255 EUR 12 months 16 036 EUR 2
Netherlands 285 EUR 48 months 5 272 EUR 118
Poland 111 EUR 24 months 15 446 EUR 46
Portugal 103 EUR 12 months 24 535 EUR 4
Romania 174 EUR 24 months 2 250 EUR 408
Slovakia 170 EUR 48 months 15 102 EUR 16
Slovenia 102 EUR 24 months 28 006 EUR 8
Spain 418 EUR 12 months 33 908 EUR 39
Sweden 175 EUR 24 months 53 200 EUR 31
From: Mexico
Working in: Germany
I am promoting the Blue Card to all my friends, telling them about my experiences.

Before coming to Europe, I was working in Mexico as an engineer. I have always dreamt about living abroad because I love learning about new cultures and new languages. I applied for a job opportunity in Germany and was selected along with 5 other trainees out of a candidate pool of 500. I think it was meant to be!

Now I´m really happy that I can work as an engineer here in Germany. What I like about Germany is that everything moves faster. I like the fact that if you work for the automotive industry, you can work on concepts for the future. I also like the German idea of work-life balance, life in Germany does not stop after work. I also love the weather and its changing seasons. In Cancun, where I grew up, it was always just warm, all year long!

I want to apply for a permanent residence because I would like to stay in Germany, given the quality of life. I chose the Blue Card also because of the easy transition to permanent residence it offers. In addition, I could easily arrange a residence and work permit for my husband as well. He likes Germany even more than me.

It was the human resources team at my employer who informed me about the Blue Card and helped me obtain it. Getting a job offer before applying for the Blue Card is probably the most difficult part of the process. At every opportunity I have I promote the Blue Card to all my friends.

From: Russia
Working in: France
I believe the EU Blue Card is a good solution for people who want to work and live in Europe. And don't forget, it also allows you to travel across the European Union!

Before moving to Paris I was working for a well-known advertising company in Moscow. Then, I received a job offer in Paris, a great opportunity to gain new experiences, work in an international environment, and expand my professional skills.

I enjoy living in a multicultural city like Paris, with its delicious food, good weather and the endless beauty of the city. I love to travel so I enjoy how connected everything is in France. I have only been living and working in Paris for five months and, for now, I intend to stay in France and pursue a career in my current company. This will also be easier for my young daughter. Even though she sometimes misses Russia, she likes France. She goes to a French school and already speaks French fluently. I am proud of her.

I believe the EU Blue Card is a good solution for people who want to work and live in Europe. I was lucky to receive invaluable support from the legal department of my current company, which helped me submit all the necessary documents. The application procedure is relatively short - for me it took 3 months - and I was granted a residence permit that lasts for three years. And don’t forget, it also allows you to travel across the European Union!

From: Vietnam
Working in: Germany
What I appreciate the most about Germany and the Germans are the career prospects and work ethics.

I moved from the USA to Europe to pursue my career development internationally. I chose Germany because of its strong economy and professional work ethics. I also appreciate the direct manner of communication and sincerity in the German culture. I am currently working as a management trainee in a pharmaceutical company on a three-year international programme. It gives me the opportunity to experience different areas of strategic marketing and expand my network, not only within Germany but worldwide. I have travelled all over Europe.

My plan is to continue developing a long-term career in Europe. I also hope to bring my brother to Germany in the near future, as I think he would also find better employment opportunities here. I learned about the European Blue Card through my professional network. The human resources team of my current employer provided me with a lot of valuable advice and information. In addition, I myself researched the European Blue Card and found out that it could be of great benefit to me. Obtaining the Blue Card was quite challenging for me as I arrived in Germany during the Christmas period and most HR experts with knowledge of the Blue Card were unavailable. I had to go through the local procedure by myself with limited German proficiency, but I was fortunate that the German authorities did everything they could to assist me. This experience encouraged me to share my knowledge in a blog, in order to help those who may be in the same situation as me. I would definitely recommend the Blue Card to others who would like to move to the EU.

* Germany gives Blue Card holders access to national permanent residence status after 33 months or even after 21 months if the person has sufficient German language skills (level B1).

From: USA
Working in: Belgium
The best part of living in Belgium is its location in the heart of Europe... I also like Belgian food and beer very much.

I came to Belgium from the USA to further pursue my career in the pharmaceutical industry and to enrich it with an international experience. I am learning a lot in my new job and because my position in the company is new, I am free to develop my own role and expand my responsibilities.

I have found it easy to build a career in Belgium as Belgian people are very welcoming and you can manage well at work even if you are not a native Dutch or French speaker. The best part of living in Belgium is its location in the heart of Europe. I also like Belgian food and beer. I have a unique taste for condiments and sauces and in the Belgian supermarkets I can find many shelves of condiments and sauces.

I intend to stay in Belgium, at least in the short term, and develop my career in my current company. My career is very important to me and I am prepared to go where the job takes me.

The process for obtaining a Blue Card went very smoothly. It took 2 to 3 months. My employer helped me with the application and I just had to provide them with the relevant documents. My experience with the Belgian immigration authorities was very positive. I will renew my Blue Card, at least in the short term, and then maybe I will apply for permanent residence.