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This section gathers all of the studies and reports conducted under the IDA(BC) Programme.

  Articles and comments on EUPL
  Documentation on Architecture Guidelines
  Documentation on Bridge/Gateway CA (BGCA)
  Documentation on CIRCA
  Documentation on eDAMIS
  Documentation on IDA Authentication Policy
  Documentation on infrastructure for cross-border eGovernment services
  Documentation on IPM
  Documentation on Machine Translation
  Documentation on MIDDLEWARE XML
  Documentation on MIReG
  Documentation on Model for Electronic Record Management (MoReq)
  Documentation on Multi-channel delivery of Public Services
  Documentation on Open Source Software (OSS)
  Documentation on PKI
  Documentation on Quality Assurance and Project Assessment
  Documentation on Security Studies
  Documentation on STATEL
  Documentation on TESTA
  Documentation on the European Interoperability Framework
  Documentation on the Promotion of Open Document Exchange Format
  Documentation on the Study on Stakeholder Requirements for European eGovernment Services
  Preparatory documents: Documents from the preparations for the EUPL v.1.0