Migration and Home Affairs

Contact us

  • For queries on home affairs and migration policies, please use this form or call the free-phone number 0080067891011 from anywhere in the 28 EU States to reach an operator who speaks your language. (1)
  • You can also contact DG Migration and Home Affairs by post:

    DG Migration and Home Affairs
    B-1049 BRUSSELS

    The Commission has a legal obligation to answer to any questions within 15 days.

  • The building of Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs is physically located at the following address:

    Rue du Luxembourg 46
    B-1000 BRUSSELS
  • If you are looking for legal texts, please note that they and the Official Journal of the EU are available in the EUR-Lex database.
  • To request for documents related to Migration and Home Affairs, please use this form.
  • For media enquiries, please contact:

    Coordinating Spokesperson
    Natasha Bertaud
    + 32 (0)2 29 67456

    Tove Ernst
    + 32 (0)2 29 86764

    Press Officer
    Markus Lammert
    + 32 (0)2 29 80423
  • For information on the work of Mr Dimitris Avramopoulos, the Commissioner in charge of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, please consult his website.


Information on job opportunities in the EU institutions

  • Apart from the regular calls for candidature organised by EPSO, you may also spontaneously send your CV via the "EU CV Online" service made available by DG ADMIN.

(1) Please note that:

  1. Some mobile phone operators do not grant access to 00800 numbers or may charge a fee.
  2. In certain cases, a fee may be charged when calling the number from payphones or hotels.
  3. You may call (+32) 2 2999696 from any country, including countries outside the EU. Normal telephone charges apply.