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Migration and Home Affairs

Local authorities Working Group (RAN LOCAL)

It is at the local level that prevention and early detection of radicalisation is most effective. The RAN LOCAL Working Group is tasked with bringing together local authorities in charge of coordinating practitioners at the local level and organising their multi-agency work and structures. They are crucial to linking NGOs, civil society, schools and police on the one side, and the national government on the other.

The Working Group will collect, compare and share different existing models for organising local preventive approaches.


RAN Policy & Practice (Berlin): Engaging with communities


RAN Webinar on Evaluations of strategy and interventions on local level for local coordinators


Podcast - Meet a RAN Practitioner #7 — Ilham Atrass, RAN LOCAL co-chair

Podcast - Meet a RAN Practitioner #6 — Jacek Purski, Chairman of the Institute of Social Safety

Podcast — Meet a RAN Practitioner #5 — Zan Jankovski, Coordinator in countering violent extremism

Podcast — Meet a RAN Practitioner #4 — Sean Arbuthnot, Local Prevent Coordinator

Podcast — Meet a RAN practitioner #3 — Anissa Akhandaf, Programme Manager Deradicalisation

Podcast — Meet a RAN practitioner #2 — Eric Poinsot, Project Coordinator



Following RAN activities and Working Group meetings, an ex-post paper highlights lessons learned, insights and follow-up initiatives.



Working Group leaders:

  • Pushpa Islam, Germany
  • Anneli Portman, Finland

For the Working Groups contact points, please see the contacts page