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EMPACT fighting crime together

EMPACT - Fighting crime together

EMPACT (European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats) is a security initiative driven by EU Member States to identify, prioritize and address threats posed by organized and serious international crime.

It is all at once a mindset, a management environment and a structured multidisciplinary cooperation platform of the relevant Member States, supported by all EU institutions, bodies and agencies (Europol, Frontex, Eurojust, CEPOL, OLAF, EU-LISA, EFCA and others). Also associated are third countries, international organisations and other (public and private) partners. The European Commission is also an engaged partner in EMPACT.

"What EMPACT is" - leaflet (PDF)

EC Support to EMPACT

The European Commission provides financial support to EMPACT activities, chairs the meetings to define “Multi-Annual Strategic Plans” (MASPs), participates in the discussions of the Operational Action Plans (OAPs), as well as in the meetings of the National EMPACT Coordinators (NECs) and is a participant in EMPACT actions.

The European Commission also works together with the Member States, the Council of the European Union and the Agencies to ensure consistency of EMPACT actions with EU political priorities and other initiatives (e.g. Law Enforcement Working Party, Customs Cooperation Working Party Action Plan), and promotes general awareness of EMPACT in security dialogs.

Periodically, the European Commission conducts an independent evaluation at the end of four years, generating recommendations on what to improve in the next EMPACT cycle (2022-2025).

EMPACT 2019 results video

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